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P. In my company it has been decided to pay to the double holiday hours on the double, that is to say 4 times. I do not have a concept name in it for this. How I can solve the problem?
You must write a block of code for the hour code that wishes to apply and to multiply by two the calculated hours that are desired.
For example: if the hours in holiday are the CLASSH05 it can do something like this:
CH05 = CH05 * 2

It compiles the code block and when this schedule is placed the required day, the hours in holiday will be reported of double way on the part of the system in which case if its payment is double, will be quadruple.

It remembers that if the data already were process, it must recalculate the consultations. To see: “Recalculating data in its manual”)

P. What is a code block?
WINSCT owns a powerful complementary compiler who allows that the user can make his own calculations in the hours that the system calculates. The system loads a text editor where the calculations can be made necessary that the technical user wishes. These are compiled and applied by the system.

For example:
The company wants to give 04 hours additional to the employees who work Sunday.
Supposing CLASSH01 like normal; Code similar to the following thing could write:

CH01 = CH01 + 4

Structures can be used such as FOR/CASE etc. but must have much well-taken care of when trying to handle data bases within a block of applied code to a schedule; since the leader of data must be left in the starting point when this it finishes if it has been altered intentionally.

A block of codes uses the complementary compiler of the system reason why all rules apply. If it wishes but information it sees “Creating his own programs” in the technical manual.

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P. Can I define my own structure of export of data? .
If you do not wish to use the generator of the structure; it can choose to program hers own one.
For this:
a) It goes to the compiler and it defines the name of the program that wishes as well as its logic of processes.
b) It compiles the program and it verifies it
c) It goes to the export configuration and indicates in the name of the program to use.

When of click in the button of export of the main screen of the system, this it is going to call to his defined program it will run and it according to his established logic.
Examples of programs of export user defined can be found in the appendix of examples of export of their manual, as well as the sources respectively listed with extension *.PRG
Programming knowledge is required to do that.

Interphase of entrance. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home, To go to beginning of support

P. Exists some way to filter the data that come from the file of marks that provides the unit?
You must determine that data identifies the required marks. After this, you must apply a conditional one so that they only pass the registries that fulfill the condition.

For example:

If you wish to filter the marks of 01 door and 01 Door this indicated by P01 nnnn: 01/01/01: 01: 01,
This could be something like:
AT (“P01”, XLINE) <> 0
This must be applied in the button of “conditional” that this in the panel of import on the interphase for the file of marks.

P. The system does not update the table of employees by the interphase of the text file
This it says: User this loading in another terminal;  but he is not thus. That he happens? .
This happens when the load this in process and is interrupted for some reason without being completed. In order to solve it, Maintenance goes to the menu of special Processes//To replace load of employees and comes.
After this already will be ready.
On the other hand, at the time of the process of the data the system will replace the load automatically.

P. Whenever a user enters a terminal, is realized the update of the file of employees; but this it has not been modified. How I correct this situation?
This must that the terminals do not see the dates of the equal file of employee because the computers are not synchronous in the same zone of time.
You must communicate with the administrator of the network in case she wishes to do this generally or to form each terminal in the same zone of time (Control panel Time Zone).

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P. How I can do so that when giving the closing key the system unloads the data, Serve backup and initiates the process without having to activate a scheme of processes. Then the closing button only does that, to close and I must do backup by the button of backup and unload the data by the button to unload data.
If it does not wish to use a scheme of programmed automatic processes, then it must define a process scheme whose hour 0000 “X” is 9999 or “X” etc. (Anyone with suffix “X” so that car is not executed) does not have to define that day of the week is going away to execute; But it must indicate if it is going to unload the data, is going to remove backup etc.
Then, this scheme must be assigned in the same panel for the option of “Button of short way”; of this form when you introduce the key to process, all the process will be automatic of immediate form.
It is not obligatory that for the “button of short way” a definition of “n n X” is assigned then any or defined can be assigned (“A.m.” or “P.m.”)

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P. The equipment that I have provides codes to me that are not the real codes of the employees. How I can treat that?
Typically some equipment owns the capacity to handle a table of equivalences to give a file with the equivalent codes.
If you do not want to do it of that form, WINSCT owns an equivalence table where it can be written or load the code that sends the equipment as well as the equivalent code. In the section of “Installation of the system” of the technical manual information exists to do that.

P. How I can install the system for another language that not this available one in the menu of languages?
The system comes with capacity bases for 09 languages by defect.
If not this in the list the one that you wish: .
It introduces his CD of installation.
\ Looks for the Drivers folder Language
It executes the SETUP.exe program and it follows the instructions to replace by other 09 but

If not yet is the wished language, looks for in the section of supports drivers/Languaje and selects between the available ones that are updated
It notices that 9 installed languages replace the other 09 previous ones; but it can install and to remove to whichever wishes it times.

P. How I can change the colors of my system?
WINSCT not this designed to be altered of this form. You could do it but she would have to make a program that she would have to execute when this loaded wished form using the complementary compiler that she has including.
We did not recommend that practices.

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P. How I can create an own report?
There is a great amount of objects available to design his own reports. Everything handles through micro-button located in the right part superior of the button of the complementary compiler.
For it, it sees the manual in the section: “Creating its own reports” of the technical manual. UDP

P.I have installed a menu user defined but by error, I have eliminated the line that allows me to publish the own menu and now I do not know that to do. You can help me?
This is not considered properly like an error. This line is allowed to erase to avoid that the normal users modify the menu.

Simply it publishes file CUSTOM.TXT and it returns the line that it needs.
If it does not remember it, is something similar to this:

P. When control to print one of catalogs, does not appear to me the button that directly initiates the printing, which must present/display the box to me of dialog. How with himself?
What happens is that the assembly options that the box provides with dialog this hidden by the line of vision and you cannot see it. For it, it leaves the “preview” and it maximizes the catalog, it obtains the “preview” again, it operates the “scroll” horizontal to find this assembly of bellboys. Once found, it moves this towards a corner where he will always be visible and in future I always impress the options will appear in that place.

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P. What is the key to enter the compiler?
This is secret for users who only use the system and they do not program it. If you require to know it. The COMPILER reads the technical manual at the beginning of the section “”. We informed to him that the person who installs the system tends to maintain kept the key to avoid inadequate accesses to the data bases of the system. Into equal way, the person who installs the system is informed on this aspect. The key depends on the serial one of software but it can later be changed.

P.I have a form done in line of vision and she runs to me well; but when the passage to the complementary compiler of the WINSCT does not appear. That I can do?
If all the aspects on the “environment” of the form are well, Places the property Show Windows for “In top-level form”.

Processes and re-calculations. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home., To go to beginning of support.

P. The system started to process the data being maximized. I cannot diminish it to work with other applications and in addition the WINSCT has a high preference on desktop. How I can handle this situation?
Ideally you must indicate to the system that processes the data in diminished state and to indicate if you want that the system is maximized or no, when the process finishes. This becomes in the button of “General Setup of the system” for the option of “Operation of the system”; Nevertheless, if already you have reinitiated a process of calculations in maximized state, you must press the right button of mouse (properties) in the left part superior of the bar of titles of the window that wishes to operate (although the leader of mouse indicates occupied). It will appear a menu where he can use the option to diminish the application.
This exists indeed for those cases in that the systems, in order to accelerate the processes, inhibit the internal properties to diminish and to maximize when there is a high data processing

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P. How I can handle several equipment of different protocols at the same time to unload the information?
In the panel of configuration of the communications there is a maximum of 10 specifications to activate between protocols for different equipment (Many protocols available, maximum 10 activated to a same time) (This does not mean that they are 10 equipment; if no, that can be 10 networks of equipment by RS-485 or another means). You must form each unit with his respective parameters and activate them. It is important to know, that many different equipment of company is not compatible to each other on the line of communications; reason for which, is important to place to each equipment in its corresponding communication channel (RS-232, RS-485, USB etc.). It sees “Communications” in the technical manual to have but information.
You must have precaution on the activation of the processes in parallel execution; since if the processes are sent in parallel and try to write at the same time on the text file, a write error would be reflected. If this it is the case, deactivates the execution in parallel.

P. How works the “REMOTE” and “HOST” in relation to the configuration of WINSCT communications?
A unit can be handled remotely from a computer by several channels. TCP/IP (assigning to a “IP address or other protocols) through the network, Via Modem by telephone cable or the network or of joint form with a clock connected by serial channel to a terminal of the network, and administered by a resident program “Driver” in conjunction with a remote control from another terminal (that is WINSCT capacity).
“REMOTE” refers WINSCT that controls the “HOST” to driver to unload the clock.

These processes are compatible for many protocols developed by ABC for different equipment from capture of data; but all the existing ones do not support all the expressed configurations; or many others are going away to develop but the first manufacturers, must provide technical information for such aims.

P.I have a clock connected to a computer via serial. I am trying to remotely handle it via the remote control from another computer in the network (in this case, WINSCT in another terminal). Whenever attempt the communication process, the system gives back “Not host” to me; I have but it loaded in the remote computer. That it can be happening?
This can be by three causes:

Possible cause (a)
It must verify that the load of host for the control parameters, aims at the same directory of control that the “Remote” that is the WINSCT.
This refers parameters similar to these:

Supposing WINSCT in the serious server “Myserver WINSCT”:
PC= “\ Myserver WINSCT” Route of common control for “Remote” and “Host”
“PH=” “Myserver WINSCT” Route to record the unloaded file. (One assumes that it must be the same)

Also it can be the syntax in this form. (Supposing correct the route)

* The instructions of above are parameters in the line of commandos for the load of host.

Possible cause (b)
Both “REMOTE” and “HOST” must have the same area code of control, so serious:
PR=01 (for the load of host) and “01” also in the area code of the panel of configuration of the “REMOTE” in the WINSCT.
If a single “HOST” operated solely, the area code is not required; in this case, the area code of configuration in the “REMOTE” must be empty and it is not necessary to put the PR=nn parameter” in the load of the “HOST”.

Possible cause (c).
Another very common cause, is that the time of I try again of the “REMOTE one “must be around 3 times the time of I try again of the “HOST”. This, because the “host” working via the network takes but time in receiving the answers that what the serial channel takes remote with the clock connected directly.
It places the “Host retry” for 7 Seconds like an example. (That it will be the factor between the computer and its connected clock of serial form) and the “Retry” of the Remote one for example, for 30 Seconds (in the panel of the WINSCT in the other terminal of the network).
According to the response time of its network, this can require a time of but of 30 seconds like “Time out” receiving answers of the “REMOTE”.


Entering the system. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home, To go to beginning of support.

P. After to validate my key and to accept says it to me: Access denied like a presented/displayed error. That it happens?
This must to that you do not have access of writing in the hard disk for the subdirectories of users. These subdirectories name like USER000, USER001, USERnnn according to I number of assigned user. Such are reserved to keep some own configurations from each user that they have to do with archives. It contacts the administrator of his network so that he allows the respective access.

P.I am lost my key of access and is the unique one like supervisor, so if I enter with another user I cannot modify it or re-assign it. That I can do?
It must go to the technical manual in the section: Lost of “password” so that this data base accedes directly and can erase his password. In this point it is only possible to be erased, not to reasignar it since password is codified. It must have some manager of data bases to be able to do it; Nevertheless, if it has a key that has access to the compiler; it can use this instead of some manager. (One remembers that the technical manual does not have to be available for normal users)

P.I am in a network and after entering the system full appears the message “Disk” and it does not allow me to come with the system; nevertheless there is sufficient space of network and with complete access. How I can correct this?
WINSCT creates temporary files in their local disc “C: ” Although you this in a network. This allows to accelerate the processes of data well-known.
Possible cause (a)
Its disc “C: ” or the temporary disc selected this plenty.

Possible cause (b)
Another possible cause is to have archives damaged in the C:\TMP directory (or the one who has selected when installing the system). You must leave other applications and drain the content of this directory; or he can operate the menu of maintenance for the option “To clean temporary files”.

Note: It considers that of predetermined form the temporary directory this located like “C:\Tmp”; but the installer of the system could have selected another one. In order to see what is he comes in “general Setup from the system/Mask and general configuration. /Terminal”

P.I have sent previously an order of general exit of the system. Accidentally my computer not this available one. When attempt to enter from another machine (by all means it does not let to me enter because there is an issued order). That I can make to enter from another computer if I issued an order in mine and I physically do not have it available?
As it is of knowing itself, the order is sent to all the computers except the computer sends the order. You must tighten the R' Click in the extreme left superior of the window that has the message (bar of titles where the properties of the window look for) chooses the option “Size” and soon to give a click in the screen; this way the screen would take the center. Then, to give “.” (A point”) and it will allow him to request the user and the key so that the exit order can reasignar or to retire it.
The user will be only accepted who is supervisor of the system.

Load of archives. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home, To go to beginning of support.

P. The text file of the employees does not take the three first registries me in the load. How it can correct it?
In the selection of the parameters of interphase of text, you have the option to indicate from that line the data are due to integrate; this in order to that if the file comes from a report, can be done without the primary headed ones. This option must indicate “1” (Line of beginning) if you wish to load the file from the beginning

P. The file of employees who I want to load comes from a report. I have already aimed at the positions correctly; but as it is a report has many lines of headed and empty lines that they load to me like sweepings.
How is avoided this?
You must observe that type of sweepings has in the respective fields and to indicate a conditional one that only includes the registries that do not contain it. For example, if in the field of the code I am located “AA” its conditional good could be this:
F01 <> “AA”
You can combine the well-known logic operators and/or to use the additional variable fields that the structure has load. (One sees import of archives in his manual for but information)

P. When I operate the load of the file of employees, there are fields that are not updated. That it happens?
You must deactivate the “Flag” of Priority of the system. This he indicates to the load that such data will be handled manually and that do not have to be taken from the file.
On the other hand, it verifies that the positions where the load in relation to the wished field scores are correct, as well as the respective field separator.

Strange data. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home, To go to beginning of support. P. The system this operating normally with the correct calculations; nevertheless in a day it has especially appeared me a schedule different from the others, therefore the calculation turns out to be different.
Which can be the cause?
If recently you have not changed the schedule of projected form (by means of rotation) then what happens is that for that day you have programmed a schedule different from which she has not possibly been noticed or forgotten. The other cause of the problem is that it can have an activated particular scheme for which already arrives the date from entrance of the schedule.

This could suddenly seem something. Simply it loaded the rotation of group of the employee; if here nothing finds, then it abra the particular rotation of the same. One of the two has placed the schedule that appears in the daily record; therefore, it as much corrects of place in the rotation as in the daily record. When the data are processed again, these missing data will be refunded.

P. The system is reporting the marks for every day normally. A day then they do not appear to me the marks of an employee of who I am certainly has marked.
Which can be the cause?
That day you have programmed a schedule nondefined or she does not have schedule. This could suddenly seem something. Simply there will be the rotation of group of the employee; if here nothing finds, then it abra the particular rotation of the same. One of the two has placed the schedule that appears in the daily record; therefore, it as much corrects of place in the rotation as in the daily record. When the data are processed again, these missing data will be refunded.

P.I have exported the data nevertheless some days the system is not sent them. That it can be bad?
This happens when the export this formed to send solely the registries that authorized and/or are approved. If authorization for all the registries is required, the registries nonauthorized will not be sent. Of the same form if approval for the registries is required, although these are authorized (but not approved) also would remain. It reviews because the data agreed as the system were formed.

Lack of marks. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home, To go to beginning of support.

P. The employee assures that poncha to me; but I do not see the registries. I add then them, but then afternoons I have 4 registries. Those that I have placed and those that the employee did.
Which is the cause of the problem?
It is imperative that you do not correct in the “daily record” without previously seeing the table of marks with problems. The fact that they do not appear the marks can have diverse causes, for example: The employee does not have schedule, the registry this authorized one and/or approving being absent etc. The system keeps these events hoping to refund them when the cause of the event is corrected. In each process of data WINSCT it reviews the marks with problems and if already the cause of the problem is missing person, then Integra the marks. If you have placed already them could then have so much the placed ones by you, like the placed ones by the system.

The system never places duplicated registries of marks, or are by the user or from the system (Sees: To avoid duplicates. The registries are placed if they exceed limits of duplicate identification; For example: If you place a mark to the 06:00 a.m. soon and the system this decides to place a mark received to the 06:07 a.m. will be rejected by the system because it was already placed (For the case of the example the mark of the 06:00 a.m. this within the identification of the duplicate that we assumed for example 10 minutes). Assuming that the control of duplicates this placed for 10 minutes, then ponche to the 06:11 a.m. will be placed by the system although in the mind of the operator he is the same.

In summary, to avoid the problem it does not make changes without seeing the table of marks with problems, if the marks are here, it corrects the first cause of the problem and allows that it refunds them to the system in the following process of data. Adjustment in value of the control of duplicates in agreement with its correct appreciation On the other hand is important that you verify if the data arrived at the system. It could be that they will even remain in the reading unit for some reason. In the first place it verifies the control of processing of the archives in the option “Line of vision of processes”, “To see state of archives” of the main menu. It must relate the date and the hour of discharge (if it exists) to the date of processes to see if not yet the data have been processed although they have been unloaded

Indefinite schedules. Beginning of the Subjects., Go Home, To go to beginning of support.

P. Because the scheme of schedules accepts to me to introduce schedules nondefined?
The system owns a parameter that activates or deactivates this control. Some times the installer prefers to deactivate it to make one more a navigation faster but he is due to operate with precaution. It can activate the control in the panel of setup of the scheme.
Also he is comprehensible often to define a rotation and later to define the schedules compose that it; this is something riskier and it is not recommended; but it is left for expert personnel.

If you create to have schedules nondefined in the scheme, operates the option “to look for schedules nondefined” in the same panel.

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Logistic of Marks. Marks incorrectly placed.

P. Some times I have personnel marks that suitably are not placed. It could give information me on the different causes and like correcting them?
The main causes of this event are essentially 2
a) The employee has not marked suitably
b) The assigned schedule does not agree with the reality to such form that the event can be interpreted of several ways possible by the system
To see details.

P. How are avoided the marks duplicated by the employees?
It is common that the employees when they are going to conduct the operation of marking, often mark but in one go, especially in card equipment. Some equipment that is programmable directly by the installer, can have a process that identifies this situation and avoids to keep marks from a same employee for a considered short relative time like duplicate. Other equipment comes with their “Firmware” without this option for diverse reasons, among them that the real application of the unit is not known, reason why leaves this part to the integrator of systems. In view of this, WINSCT this enabled to fight with this situation.

You must go to the icon “General Setup of the system”, “Operation of the system” and form the option “rank to eliminate duplicates of marks”. The S-value is given in minutes.

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