Basic recommendations for an interphase of name successful

a) You must verify that the data of the employees are updated properly. Date of entrance, Status, department, type of employee etc.

b) You must verify that the employee has the suitable assigned schedule.
If one is a rotation, also you must confirm the same has the variations of schedules that are the projected ones according to the intention and that is not with missing schedules or that later have fallen in indefinite state. Precaution of which particular schemes have preference on the group schemes.

c) You must review the hour parameters. He must include/understand totally the same later to be able to interpret the results suitably.

d) If you have changing data of the master file that can affect the filter of consultations, check if it turns out feasible to apply to him processes of “autotran " s to unify the consultations. For example, changes of departments, supervisor etc. Of predefined form the filters will bring the information that fulfill the specifications according to the moment at which they were process; therefore when obeying the filter, you could see partial information

e) You must verify the exceptions that are due to apply of previous way

f) You must verify the holiday days and assures the up-to-date table

g) You must verify the table of marks with problems and settles down the corrective ones of place according to the cause of the problem that is reflected in the table. (Personal without turn, people that makes marks without being in the system, etc). He does not realize corrections of new developments without seeing previously this table. This can cause exaggerated payments.

h) It has precaution to block the data (to make sure that the users do not realize changes after exporting). This, previous to the shipment of the export of calculations for each name. XWinsct is a system that solves situations of dynamic form and if the information this abierta, all pending event will at any moment have tendency to be solved (also limited by additional parameter) unless a blockade settles down. This would avoid to him “you unsquare” in the data in future comparisons.

i) If you use card equipment she verifies that the employees do not enter to work without habérsele's given their card to mark activated. By logic, it asegúrese of which the employees make the correct process mark.

j) It looks for a method to verify that the reading units have unloaded all the necessary information and that it is not partially some unloaded before each process, this, if not this in automatic way.

k) It processes the information and it verifies the surrounding new developments of the moment as far as possible or. It does not leave the work is possible to be accumulated.

l) It authorizes or it approves the payment registries if they apply as soon as it is possible.

m) It exports the interphase

n) If you have followed the passings correctly, will be able to have his very reliable, comprehensible and exact data.

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