Beginning of implementation of the system. Processing of personnel. Recommendations

It is important to have totally all the elements preparations to initiate with a control system of attendance and calculation of hours. If you not yet are going to check the behavior of the employees in the beginning of the process of ponchar, is better to hope to be ready for it.
If the employee note that to mark or no, is something indifferent, is being created an undesirable situation that will cause many delays to its project.
If the reading equipment for some reason fails in catching ponches. This will be immediately the excuse for nonmarks. To verify that it does not fail, allows the operator to have the force to face the employees contreveners.

Many companies take in mainly initiating a control system of attendance and calculation of hours because in charge person does not feel with authority sufficient to draw attention to the lack of the employees in the ponchado process of. Other so many times the correct pursuit does not occur to the reports to warn to the employees on the consequences of its acts and other so many the time necessary is not taken to give the suitable pursuit to consider person in occupied end.

Perhaps to delegate is the best option.
It publishes notification of the date of ponchado beginning of with the new unit. It raises the importance of the process.
It reviews the listing of ponches realized. Initially there will be many lack in which the employees take custom, nevertheless, to this immediate pursuit must occur.
It emphasizes in its publication, that to lose the identification card (if cards are used) will have an irremediable cost that will affect its money indicating its exaggerated value to him.
It does not ask please that the employees make the marks. It indicates .que to them is obligatory.

If you realize the immediate pursuit as here she is recommended, the project by this one part, will advance of fast form.

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