Xwinsct. Primary Product. Control System of attendance and calculation of working hours
Modular Configuration. Options of the system

Modules for Xwinsct
1.01 Generator and designer of rotations. WRC
1.02 Multiuser Mechanism. WMU
1.03 Manager of data bases of employees. WDB
1.04 Generator of graphs for results of data. WGS
1.05 Unit for letter transmission. WGL
1.06 Identity card Designer. WID
1.07 Generator of labels of bar code. WRL
1.08 Interphase of report and file conversion. WDC
1.09 Designer of own reports. WRD
1.10 Mechanism of compilation of programs. WPC
1.11 Mechanism of automatic processes. WAP
1.12 System of automatic messages (E-mail). WMA
1.13 Modules of data communication. WCM

Secondary Products

Independent Systems

  Description CODE
01 Xwinsct. Control System of attendance and calculation of working hours XWinsct
02 Administration and handling of Sport Banks AHSB
03 System for administration of stores SAS
04 Biometric Visitors Control. BVC
05 Magic Utility. Fingerprint Manager & Driver MGU
06 Utility and Driver. Stand alone version. BIOM
07 Proxy Manager. Monitor driver. CARD384
08 Access. Manager GYM01
09 Biometric. Access AUTOBIO
10 Outline. Processes TASK MANAGER
11 Industrialist. Cafeteria RDC
12 Proxy. Device Driver KEYPROX
13 Biometric Desktop Driver (Software) BDD
14 CopyReader COPYRDR